Making custom furniture can seem daunting but we try to make it as simple and painless as possible.

New Custom Furniture:

Most commonly we begin discussing custom furniture by looking at an inspiration image or item similar to what you want your final piece to look like.  If the changes are simple or you want to replicate a piece, we can often have the conversation over the phone or via email.  For more complicated pieces we meet in person, either at our shop or on location.  Once we agree on the scope of the piece/project we will quote the price and let you know how many yards of fabric you will need.

You can order fabric through your interior designer, purchase it in a store or, beginning in late 2017, you can order the fabric through Eurocraft directly.  Regardless of how the fabric is ordered, it is typically shipped directly to our shop where we add a swatch of the fabric to your order and tag it with your name.

We’ll start the construction by building a wood frame for the piece.  Next we stain the wood to your chosen finish color.  We then add webbing, springs and foam before upholstering the piece.  If desired, we can arrange for you to come in for a seat test where you can choose the cushion type and firmness and customize it to your chosen comfort level.  Once the seat test is complete we finish the upholstery and make arrangements to deliver the final product.

We will usually call or email with any questions throughout the process.  Since every detail can be customized, there are a lot of details to consider, and we often address them as they come up.  Of course you are welcome to come to the shop at any time to see the status of your piece(s) and to review the details.


For re-upholstered pieces the process is easy.  The best way to start is by sending us an email with photos of your piece(s), the outside dimensions and any notes on how you want the piece changed, if applicable.  From there we will give you a price to complete the work and let you know how many yards of fabric we will need for your piece(s).  You can purchase the fabric through your interior designer or at any store you wish.  Beginning in late 2017 you can also purchase fabric through Eurocraft directly.

If you purchase fabric outside of Eurocraft it is often easiest to have the fabric sent to us directly where we will tag it with your name and project.  Once we have the fabric and deposit we will schedule a time to pick up your piece(s).  Alternatively you can have them dropped off at our shop using whatever carrier you choose.  We strive to turn re-upholstered pieces around as quickly as possible and usually can do this in less than 3 weeks.  When your pieces are ready we will contact you to schedule delivery.