Eurocraft Inc. creates top quality custom furniture. Our customers are designers and architects who custom design each piece for their clients.  We manufacture their designs to their specifications, with whatever fabrics they choose.  Custom means the furniture is what you want, executed with the highest possible craftsmanship.  Custom means that you get to decide what size you need, what style or blend of styles you want. Custom means that you get to decide all the details: the wood species and stain, how the piping and stitching will look, round arms, square arms, curved backs, tight backs or loose back cushions, skirts or no skirts, nailheads, tufting, buttons, etcectera.

Custom means you finally get the exact look you’ve always wanted.


Eurocraft will make your piece exactly how you need it. Some examples include a 15 piece S-curved sectional designed to provide two sided seating for a long and narrow room and a built in bench/daybed in a unique alcove (Luxe magazine Vol. 9 Issue 2, pg 212-213, 216-217). Whether your piece needs to be curved to match an architectural element, needs to be a custom length and width to maximize a space, or needs that perfect level of softness and seat depth so that the comfort of the piece is exactly as you request, we can handle it.  Eurocraft has long offered seating tests so that customers can adjust the way the piece feels for them before it is finished, and before they see it for the first time in their homes.  We can also help you design a piece so that a large scale piece can fit through small doorways or tight hallways.


Eurocraft makes furniture by hand. Every piece is crafted and molded by skilled craftsmen. There are no robots, assembly lines, or overseas shipping. Every piece is designed and manufactured in in ​our shop in Chicago from raw materials. As such you can be assured that unless you order more than one, every piece we make is truly unique.