At Eurocraft Inc., we believe that every piece that we create can have the best of both style and quality. Being a custom manufacturer means that even while you dictate the style elements, we will maintain and conform every piece to the highest level of quality possible, in every layer of furniture construction.


Every structural piece is hand cut, kiln dried hardwood (wood species can be specified) and assembled with double dowel joints that are glued and screwed to corner blocks.


Every finished component is hand stained with water-based stains. We make ​custom ​colors per designer’s specifications for each order; we also make small batches to color match existing pieces. Every piece is hand sanded, sealed, and lacquered.


We use eight-way hand tied springs on all of our pieces as there is no equal in durability and feel.


We only use the highest quality polyurethane foam with different levels of density to adjust the feel of the piece along with dacron batting and down for all of our padding. The specific combination depends on the feel that is requested by the customer and designer. Our standard seat cushions are poly down wrapped dual foam core cushions, meaning they are made with a harder foam core, wrapped with a softer layer of foam and then also wrapped in dacron and down.  Everything is enclosed in a  ticking fabric case that prevents the feathers from coming out.  The cushion is then covered in the customer’s fabric.  A back cushion would be made with all goose down and feathers mixed inside the same protective ticking fabric and then covered in the customer’s fabric.​


We work with every kind of fabric, from the thickest mohair or leather down to the thinnest silks, from plain to patterned. With repeats, we ensure that the central pattern is laid out exactly as you want it. We also specialize in several forms of tufting using custom hand-made buttons.


We prefer to deliver the furniture we make to ensure that it arrives in the client’s home safely. With no middle-man doing the delivery, you know that there will be no finger-pointing, as we stand not only by our product, but also our delivery.